Saturday, August 30, 2014

Federal Gov't Warn Americans Of Terror Threat On U.S. Border

According to high level sources, ISIS terrorist are operating in Ciudad Juarez on the border across from the city of El Paso, Texas.
The sources state ISIS operatives will use vehicle born improvised explosive devices in the attacks. Homeland Security, Justice and Defense Department agents have been placed on high alert “and instructed to aggressively work all possible leads and sources concerning this imminent terrorist threat,” Judicial Watch reports.
The attack is “coming very soon” the high-level source warned. It is speculated an attack will happen on the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks.
“An attack is so imminent that the commanding general at Ft. Bliss, the U.S. Army post in El Paso, is being briefed, another source confirms. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) did not respond to multiple inquiries from Judicial Watch, both telephonic and in writing, about this information,” reports Judicial Watch.
Last week a former CIA covert operations officer, Mike Baker, said on the Laura Ingraham Show he believes there is “a lot of communication” between ISIS and Mexican drug cartels.
“We’ve had good intel over the years about al Qaeda, about their efforts to coordinate with, as an example, Mexican cartels… in an effort to try to exploit our southern border,” he said. He added that ISIS is well aware of the lack of security on the border and may take advantage of it.
Prior to Baker’s remarks, Rep. Ted Poe, a Texas Republican, said ISIS and Mexico’s notorious drug cartels communicate with each other.
"The drug cartels use the same operational plan as terrorist groups do… They kill their opponents, they behead their opponents, they brag about it and they have operational control of many portions of the southern border of the United States. They’re vicious as some of these other terrorist organizations,” Poe told Newsmax TV.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


The Internal Revenue Service destroyed former director Lois Lerner’s Blackberry, which contained the same e-mails as her hard drive the agency wiped, even though a Congressional inquiry into the IRS’s harassment of Tea Party groups was well underway.
The IRS never made any attempt to back up Lerner’s Blackberry before destroying it, and the agency even admitted the Blackberry “was removed or wiped clean of any sensitive or proprietary information and removed as scrap for disposal in June 2012,” months after Congress began investigating allegations that the tax agency was purposely harassing conservative and libertarian groups applying for 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.
“There is no record of any attempt by any IRS IT employee to recover data from any Blackberry device assigned to Lois Lerner in response to the Congressional investigations or this investigation,” Stephen Manning, Deputy Chief Information Officer for Strategy & Modernization, said according to the New York Observer.
The Blackberry was linked to Lerner’s official IRS e-mail account and thus contained the same e-mails Congress was seeking from her hard drive, which was likewise destroyed by the IRS a year prior to the destruction of the Blackberry.
Congress wanted the e-mails Lerner sent and received while she was still serving as the IRS’s Director of Exempt Organizations division, which reviewed the applications of political groups applying for tax-exempt status from the IRS.
The IRS also claimed the hard drives of 20 other tax officials who were likely also complicit in the harassment of Tea Party groups “crashed” at nearly the same time and were completely unrecoverable, but the odds against this exceed the billions of known stars in the universe.
“With a failure rate of 3.5% per year, per computer, the odds of any specific drive failing during a specific week, are 1 in 1000,” a commenter with the username Flyovercountry said on “For each computer added, the exponent increases by one. So, when the second specific computer needed went down at the precise moment it was needed, the odds of those two melting down in the manner described by [the IRS's] Congressional testimony became 1 in 1000 squared.”
“That’s how we get to where we are, with 19 [additional] computers, that’s 1000 raised to the nineteenth power,” he added.
And, numerically, 1000 to the 19th power is 1e+57, or 1 followed by 57 zeros, a number known as an “Octodecillion.”
“Let us further pretend that you’ve been counting since the proverbial Big Bang, some [13.8] billion years ago, [with] no breaks or vacations, no meals, and no sleeping, only counting has filled your time,” he continued. “You still, as of today would not have reached a number as large as 1e+57. In fact, you would need to replicate your effort to date another 317 quintillion times in order to reach your target.”
“Those are the odds that the IRS has claimed happened in a completely random manner.”tea party,Lois Lerner, IRS.

Federal Government More Of A Threat Threat Than ISIS

ISIS, now the self-proclaimed Islamic State or IS, represents “the greatest threat we’ve seen since 9/11,” McCaul warned on Sunday.
He characterized the alleged Foley beheading — now dismissed by many experts as a hoax — as a “turning point” requiring bombing raids in Syria and Iraq.
“We need to expand these air strikes so that we can ultimately defeat and eliminate ISIS, because I would far prefer to eliminate them over here than have to deal with them in the United States,” he said.
Increasingly, members of Congress are stating ISIS poses a threat to America.
On Friday, House Armed Services Committee Vice Chairman Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-Texas) said more than 3,000 members of ISIS have U.S. or European passports and may enter America undetected at any moment.
“The biggest fear is that there are 10,000 to 12,000 foreign fighters that have joined ISIS and various estimates but many of them have Western passports,” Thornberry told CNN.
Earlier this month California Democrat and the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Dianne Feinstein, said ISIS will attack from within America.
“It has become clear that ISIL is recruiting fighters in Western countries, training them to fight its battles in the Middle East and possibly returning them to European and American cities to attack us in our backyard,” Feinstein said in a statement.
The Dismal Track Record of al-Qaeda Bombers
“They’re either American or they’re Western European passports. So they can come here to the United States homeland without a visa. And they can bring … what they’ve learned about bomb making and about assassinations with them here at home,” McCaul explained.
He added Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) in Yemen to the threat. Coupled with ISIS, AQAP will be able to blow planes out of the sky, McCaul claimed.
He said the supposed threat includes “the traditional sort of Times Square bomber that we saw in New York.”
The Times Square “bomb” allegedly devised by Faisal Shahzad consisted of a hodgepodge of 5-gallon gas cans, firecrackers, propane tanks and a pressure cooker of the sort supposedly used in the Boston Marathon bombing.
Despite the fact Shahzad’s “bomb” was “low quality” — others insist it was not a bomb at all — law enforcement said the Pakistan-born resident of Bridgeport, Connecticut presented a serious danger and represented “a new terrorist model.”
The other failed bomb attack occurred on Christmas in 2009 when Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab caught his underwear on fire aboard Northwest Airlines 253 over Detroit on a flight from the Netherlands.
Abdulmutallab’s “bomb,” described as plastic explosives, was purportedly supplied by AQAP’s “innovative” bomb-maker, Ibrahim al-Asiri. The media reported al-Asiri worked for Anwar al-Awlaki, the American imam who dined at the Pentagon prior to the 9/11 attacks and was reportedly killed along with his teenage son in a drone attack in Yemen.
Cops More Deadly Than Terrorists
“The Ferguson incident has exposed the underbelly of the United States and now everyone is starting to pay attention that there is a higher risk of being killed by police even when they chase or shoot at people who need not be you. The risk is 800% greater that you will be killed by POLICE rather than a terrorist,” writes Martin Armstrong.
“But that is not the half of it. Since 911, the police have killed more people than the terrorists are claimed to have done in those attacks. It is getting to the point that if you see a policeman in the USA, you better try to move away.”
Micah Zenko, writing for The Atlantic, put it a different way — the average American is more likely to be killed by his or her own furniture than a terrorist.
“Of the 13,288 people killed by terrorist attacks last year, seventeen were private U.S. citizens, or .001 percent,” Zenko concluded in 2012 after studying the National Counter Terrorism Center report.
The report “should emphasize that an irrational fear of terrorism is both unwarranted and a poor basis for public policy decisions.”
However, minus this irrational fear and 24/7 corporate media coverage of ISIS and the alleged threat it poses to the homeland, it would be more difficult for the state to run its perpetual war on terrorism operation.
The state habitually predicates its NSA Stasi-like high-tech surveillance system on the manufactured and corporate media exaggerated fear of terrorists.
NSA surveillance and militarized cops represent key components of the emerging police state. Both feed off the contrived war on terror and its ever evolving list of scary enemies.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Liberal Media Plays Dumb With The Spread Of Isis And Radical Islam

“The voice of an apparent British militant narrating the video showing the beheading of American journalist James Foley has triggered renewed questions about why the U.K. is a breeding ground for jihadis,” NBC News reports today.
“At least 400 Britons are among the estimated 2,000 Europeans who are fighting for the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), according to Prime Minister David Cameron. And the ease with which Europeans can travel into Syria through Turkey has alarmed intelligence officials in the West.”
This sort of reporting is ignorant or, more likely, engineered to be misleading. NATO and the United States have used Turkey (and Jordan) as a staging area for the proxy war against the al-Assad government in Syria for months.
“All the available evidence indicates that U.S., U.K., Israel, Turkey, France and Saudi Arabia meticulously planned the genocidal covert war on Syria for years before actually launching it in 2011. Right from the beginning, Turkey has been at the epicenter of this war in every possible respect,” writes Turkish researcher Cem Ertür.
The establishment media, particularly its liberal faction, has covered the proxy war staged in Syria in fits and starts, so NBC’s supposed ignorance is disingenuous.
For instance, PBS aired a Frontline segment on “American handlers in Turkey” working with Qatar to train “rebels” how best to engage in war crimes and “finish off soldiers still alive after an ambush,” and the alternative media, including, regularly provides factual information on how the U.S., NATO, Turkey and the Gulf Emirates not only support this proxy war but also covertly fund and train ISIS.
Reality, as usual, is ignored and dismissed by the establishment media as it fulfills its assigned role as a war propaganda division of the U.S. government and the military industrial and intelligence complex.
Here is a sampling of coverage on the U.S.-NATO sponsored war in Syria:
Saudi Arabia, Sunni Caliphate, NATO Run Secret Terror Army in Iraq and Syria
NATO’s Terror Hordes in Iraq a Pretext for Syria Invasion
ISIS and the Plan to Balkanize the Middle East
Rand Paul: U.S. Created “Jihadist Wonderland” in Syria
Ron Paul: Syria Chemical Attack A ‘False Flag’ 
More Evidence U.S. Funds al-Qaeda Terrorists in Syria
Susan Rice Admits U.S. Giving Arms to Al-Qaeda in Syria
Turkey Behind Sarin Attack in Syria
British Intelligence Nurtured Jihadists for Years
Jihadist terrorists, sheltered and encouraged by British intelligence, have operated behind the scenes for decades, a fact completely ignored by the establishment media as it devises a pretext for the invasion of Syria.
For background on this, see:
British Intelligence: Her Majesty’s Terrorist Network
British Intelligence Asset Haroon Rashid Aswat Escapes Extradition
CIA Double Agent? CIA and British Intelligence Created Ruse Known as Al-Qaeda
David Cameron to Arm Woolwich Terrorists?
Specifically see The British, the Middle East and Radical Islam for detailed background on how the British, and later the U.S., created, nurtured and expanded Islamic terror networks.
Following remarks by Cressida Dick, the Metropolitan Police’s assistant commissioner and head of specialist operations in Britain, that the country will experience increased terrorism for “many years” as a result of young British men participating in the Syrian war, Richard Barrett, a former head of counter-terrorism at MI6, said the war in Syria funded and supported by the United States, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey, with U.S. military trained terrorists “is likely to be an incubator for a new generation of terrorists.”
This “new generation of terrorists” is now coming online with a predictable flourish of hyperbole and misinterpretation provided by the establishment media.
ISIS, like Saddam Hussein’s illusory weapons of mass destruction and his vaporous collaboration with al-Qaeda, is the latest, and likely the greatest (in terms of murder and terror) manufactured terror threat.
The Bush neocons – with the help of The New York Times in lockstep with the rest of the establishment media – snowballed fabrication, half-truth and outright lies into a flimsy predicate for mass murder (more than a million Iraqis died) and war crimes approaching those committed by the Nazis and the Soviet Union.
Obama the establishment teleprompter reader, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Secretary of Defense and their counterparts in Europe will elevate the threat of ISIS, a threat honed by the U.S. military, into a full-fledged attack on Syria.
NBC and the rest of the corporate media will do their part as well.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

CIA Officer Says Isis And Mexican Drug Dealers Communicate

Former CIA Officer Says ISIS and Mexican Drug Cartels Communicate

A former CIA officer, now a security consultant who regularly appears on Fox News, told the Laura Ingraham Show Thursday ISIS and Mexican drug cartels communicate with each other.
“We’ve had good intel over the years about al-Qaeda, about their efforts to coordinate with, as an example, Mexican cartels… in an effort to try to exploit our southern border,” Mike Baker told Ingraham.
The one-time CIA employee said there is “a lot of communication” between ISIS and drug cartels and “the cartels are a business… if there’s a revenue stream they can exploit, then they will, and the extremists understand that.”
It is not clear if this intel was passed on to Baker by his former colleagues.
In 2012 a spokesman for the Chihuahua state in Mexico, Guillermo Terrazas Villanueva told Aljazerra the CIA and other intelligence agencies manage the drug trade in Mexico.
“Credibility issues with employees of the notoriously corrupt Mexican government aside, the latest accusations were hardly earth shattering — the American espionage agency has been implicated in drug trafficking from Afghanistan to Vietnam to Latin America and everywhere in between. Similar allegations of drug running have been made against the CIA for decades by former agents, American officials, lawmakers, investigators, and even drug traffickers themselves,” writes Alex Newman.
Other agencies of the United States government stand accused of complicity with Mexican drug cartels, including the DEA and the Justice Department.
Also left unsaid is the documented fact the CIA and the United States government  trained, armed, funded and supported Osama bin Laden and his followers in Afghanistan. This fact was reported by the BBC, Forbes, ABC News and others (many corporate media sites, however, scrubbed this information soon after the terror attacks of September 11, 2001).
Asked about the geopolitical impact of the CIA’s 3 billion dollar operation to create an Islamic mujahideen in Afghanistan beginning in 1979, Zbigniew Brzezinski, President Jimmy Carter’s national security adviser said: “What is most important to the history of the world? The Taliban or the collapse of the Soviet empire? Some stirred-up Muslims or the liberation of Central Europe and the end of the Cold War?”
ISIS, now a self-declared caliphate called the Islamic State, also has connections to the CIA and the Pentagon.
William Engdahl, an award-winning geopolitical analyst and strategic risk consultant, recently wrote that ISIS “is being shaped and controlled out of Langley, Virginia, and other CIA and Pentagon outposts as the next stage in spreading chaos in the world’s second-largest oil state, Iraq, as well as weakening the recent Syrian stabilization efforts.”
The corporate media now pushing a full-fledged war on ISIS in response to an unverified and suspicious beheading video fails to mention our troops will go up against fighters trained by U.S. instructors in Jordan.
For more on the CIA connection to ISIS and the Islamic brigades funded by the Gulf Emirates working to overthrow the government of Syria, see our ISIS and the Plan to Balkanize the Middle East.